Private and institutional investors must step up in the race to achieve Agenda 2030

Founder and Managing Partner of Bamboo Capital Partners Jean-Philippe de Schrevel, and Christopher Hirst, CEO of Palladium: Make It Possible, share their perspective on the need to invest at scale for the #SDGs, how blended finance can be a solution, and the new strategic partnership between Bamboo and Palladium to help mobilize private capital for the #Agenda2030. Read the […]

Bamboo Capital founder on turning six impact funds into a $500m opportunity

What do you get when you combine four UN agencies, an international NGO, and an alliance of 30 African states? Bamboo Capital Partners’ founder Jean-Philippe de Schrevel, tells Geneva Solutions how he came up with the “crazy” idea to unite six SDG funds and create a $500m investment platform launched at Davos this year. Read […]

Fintech – Retard à l’allumage

C’est le paradoxe des fintechs ou des wealthtechs. Elles sont de plus en plus nombreuses, de mieux en mieux calibrées, et pourtant elles peinent encore à se frayer un chemin dans le secteur du wealth management. Spécialiste du genre, Kim-Andrée Potvin se penche ici sur ce problème récurrent.