Bridge aims to strengthen provincial banking with a commitment to social impact. Bridge will provide both deep capability building services and capital to Rural and Thrift banks focused on low income populations, micro and small businesses.

Bridge’s vision is to build a network of innovative, dynamic and dedicated rural banks – suppor- ting 3 million rural Filipinos by 2020.

Bridge’s first investment was in a large Provincial bank and one of the fastest growing financial institutions in the country: 1st Valley Bank, located in Mindanao island. It currently manages 32 branches. 1st Valley Bank offers a diverse range of loan products.

1st Valley Bank Mission:

To be ONE 1st Valley Bank; to offer excellent banking services that promote development in the areas that we operate in and instill loyalty from our customers; Ensure the delivery of high re- turns for our stakeholders and the well-being of our employees.
In December 2014, Bridge invested in Sugbuanon Rural Bank. The bank’s mission is to be the leader in consumer and retail banking in Cebu, Philippines.