Bamboo Capital Partners has joined a unique alliance of 54 fintech investors and digital finance innovators to launch the Guidelines for Investing in Responsible Digital Financial Services.
The guidelines provide ten touchpoints that financial investors and their fintech investees can use to evaluate opportunities, mitigate risks and contribute to a more responsible and inclusive digital finance ecosystem.

The guidelines are a voluntary framework that organisations can sign up to and use when they invest in digital financial services. They are designed to benefit providers and their customers by helping to better evaluate and manage risks associated with digital transformation and digitalisation.

Jean-Philippe de Schrevel, Founder and Managing Partner of Bamboo Capital Partners, commented: “Bamboo Capital Partners has a long track record of investing in sustainable businesses that promote financial inclusion. We’re therefore delighted to join with other investors and innovators in digital finance to commit to this set of guidelines. We’re optimistic that their introduction will help investors navigate the risks and make responsible investments to benefit this burgeoning industry.”