Olivier Jarry

Olivier leverages 30 years of passion improving health and living standards throughout Western / Eastern Europe, the Americas and Asia to create sustainable, profitable growth, organically and inorganically, in the Life Sciences, Consumer Health, Nutrition and Consulting industries. He assembles talented, successful and diverse teams to address unique business or societal challenges.

At Novartis, Olivier designed and implemented new business models to improve access to medicines and supplemented nutrition. In Mexico, he and his team designed a new line of affordable baby nutrition products to be sold in rural areas, in partnership with a major distributor and including fortification formulated in partnership with the authorities and pediatricians associations. The introduction of this “trading-down” line combined with a premium (“trading-up”) line contributed to regain the 100% market share that was under attack from three global competitors.

In India, he led the piloting and implementation of a completely new, for-profit, commercialization channel to rural areas, featuring an adapted portfolio (Rx, OTC), some redesigned products, frequent awareness and screening sessions in thousands of villages, and the upgrading of local capabilities of distributors, pharmacists and physicians. This business turned profitable as planned and is now covering 50 million villagers.

In 2009, when the H1N1 global pandemic flu spread globally, he redirected his team to address the needs of governments in Western and Eastern Europe. They closed the first sale for Novartis (several hundred million Euros) followed by several other ones throughout Europe and Russia / CIS.

At Bayer Diabetes, Olivier coordinated the successful launch of 5 new products in a year (previous-ly, the division was launching a new product every few years). Included was a unique handheld hemoglobin A1c meter, quickly a best seller for self-use in the US and changing the habits of HCPs in emerging markets. When the US Medicare / Medicaid reduced reimbursement by more than 50% and European government made drastic cuts as well, Olivier re-structured the division with significant headcount and costs reduction to restore profitability and introduce a divestiture plan.

At Bristol-Myers Squibb, he upgraded commercial and market access talent for the USD 1 bn Emerging Markets division, to support the launch and growth of innovative medicines (oncology, virology, rheumatology, cardiovascular, diabetes). Olivier and his team re-evaluated the potential of these markets for innovative specialty medicines, leading to the decision of simplifying the organization into a “rest-of-the-world” division and considerably reducing investments.

In his current consulting practice, Olivier is supporting the improvement of the offering of Fit4D, a provider of diabetes patient coaching services, to incorporate outcomes measurement, healthcare savings evaluation and more compelling calculations of ROI for the Payers. He and his team are leading several projects to introduce the use of social media in physicians’ relations, “Big Data” techniques in market access as well as algorithms to optimize pipeline value and portfolio value.